He's back! Mr Simon Wolf is in the studio sharing his experience of going paperless and getting his life organised. John also shares an eye opening warning on why, as indie's, we need to be good administrators as well as good developers.


  • Chaos of paperwork
  • Scotty's comments about my desk
  • Xero
  • Missing deadlines

Cutting Out The Papers

  • Only keep papers that really need to be kept, things such as legal documents.
  • Scan everything else as soon as you can.
  • Don't try to scan historic papers at first.
  • Store the scanned documents in appropriate places as soon as you can.
  • Stop printing things.
  • Stop scribbling notes on bits of paper.


  • Don't use a flatbed scanner.
  • In early December Fraser Speirs tweeted about looking for and then buying a scanner. Got a Canon P-150 over a ScanSnap S1300 because it has TWAIN drivers available.
  • Bought a Canon DR-2010M because a desktop scanner suits me fine.
  • P-150 replaced by P-215.
  • Can also consider the Fuji SnapScan scanners.
  • Look out for M-versions. Mac software.
  • Canon scanner comes with CaptureOnTouch.

Making Notes

Stop Printing

Business Cards

  • Don't give them out and don't accept them.
  • Ask people to email you their details.
  • Note their Twitter name and send them a message.
  • iPhone app suggestions from the chat room.

Storing Information

Top Tips

  • Backups.
  • Create a routine of scanning and shredding papers.
  • Find and stick with an application or applications.
  • Remove Post-Its, pads, etc. Stop writing notes or at least use just one notebook.
  • Take it slowly and don't expect on over-night change. Don't worry about the backlog for now.

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