UIKonf is an independent , locally lead conference for iOS developers run in Berlin. May this year saw it's forth instalment and I had the great privilege of not only attending for the first time but of also giving a talk.

As with any good independent developer conference, UIKonf values the community aspect of the conference as much as the tech and makes great efforts to provide lots of networking time, good food and plenty of drinks. This makes meeting people a lot easier meaning you come away not only educated but with some great new friends.

UIKonf was also the first conference I have attended that has provided live captioning for people with hearing difisulties. This a great service and I hope a lot more conferences look to do this in the future. During my talk I did have a little bit of fun with the live captioning team by purposely using some pretty difficult and random words. They handled it wonderfully with humour and took it in the fun spirit in which it was intended. It's little things like that that show all the people behind a conference get it and want to be a part of making it great.

Anyway my talk on MVVM-C has now been published to youtube for all to enjoy or hate as your preferences dictate.